Does your website convey the message you intended to convey? Is your site easy to navigate? Well, the easier it is for your visitors to operate your website, the better the result for you. Website design basically covers two things; the first is how your website works and the second is to see how well both forms are professional to form perfect web design.

Since there are tons of web design agencies around you, selecting the right one for your business is pretty painful. At Codexive IT Solution, we do consider it necessary to have a website. We offer the best website design with the idea of ​​bringing conversion to your website. Implement the best techniques for your website that can grab the attention of many visitors so that they can plan to contact you.

We will ensure that your site is free of bugs so that readers easily navigate and operate from any device, not just specific devices. Website design is quite complicated and intimidating. However, due to the penetration of technology and the Web, the web design industry has large epic proportions.

Service We Offer


The style of your logo identifies your business in its simplest form, using a logo mark, a typographic resolution, or a combination of each.

The style of your brand is the simplest visual illustration of your commercial potential. Building trust and recognition with your audience and your customers will play an important role in the success of your business.

At Codexive IT Solution, we attach great importance to designing the logo that represents your brand in the best possible way. Our logo style of your choice will ensure that you fulfill the promise your set has created, and your customers will trust it.


Your website should simply be very professional and attractive. Our team of professionals provides web design services to businesses of all sizes.

Google prioritizes mobile-friendly sites, so it’s important to make sure your website is optimized for an elegant style.

We will ensure that your design is unique, aesthetic and consistent with your dreams. We create websites that look great, but with a strategy in place to help turn more site visitors into customers and ensure success.

Our Website Designing Phase

Discover ( PHASE 1)

This discovery stage essentially consists of collecting information. This step is important because we are getting to know our customers here. Your needs, the services offered, the target audience, achievements, history, goals, and purpose? We learn a lot about your expectations of the website so we can help you plan the best website design strategy for your client’s needs.

Plan ( PHASE 2)

Research helps us determine exactly what needs to be done in designing your website. This is the most important step because we will create a complete proofing plan here and execute it in exactly the same way, with no possibility of modifications later, if necessary. Depending on the trend, we can update the design of your website.

Design ( PHASE 3)

We will create a demo of a site that we deem appropriate according to your expectations. We will design your website taking into account all the points addressed during the planning phase. In addition, there will be room for improvements. On this basis, if you want to improve something, we will fix it soon and the model will be transformed into a fully structured and well-organized website.

Develop ( PHASE 4)

This development phase is where the website design will be converted into codes that will turn your website into action. This step will not be as simple as it seems, the execution of it will take a lot of time because it is very technical and requires a careful reflection. Here, we keep our customers informed of the process and we can modify it if you have something to add or less.

Launch ( PHASE 5)

It is at this stage that we successfully launch the website of your law firm. We will provide you with access first and you will have a complete overview of your website design. Once you have ticked the green box, your updated website will be put online. Usually, our customers look forward to this step, but to get good results, we feel that everything should be done smoothly. Once launched, the last steps will be taken into account.

Support ( PHASE 6)

Right after the launch of the website, we will see the reaction of visitors to the new website design. The results will surely be good because our services are provided after detailed research. The last but most important step would be to keep the website running throughout the day, without sacrificing quality, keeping your website up-to-date on the latest trends. By doing this, we make sure your website works in the long run and we can help you differentiate yourself from the crowd.

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